Meet Danielle

An energetic, very detail-oriented IT professional with a hybrid of strong communication skills and advanced technology savvy. 3 years of experience in large-scaled agile delivery with extensive knowledge in creating design-led solutions from a user centered perspective through digital products & services. I thrive when transforming interactive user interfaces & experiences, bringing designs at all levels of fidelity to life. Although a natural leader and self-starter, I’m also an eager learner who loves to collaborate, innovate and see things from a fresh perspective :)


★ UI/UX Design & Development
★ Prototyping, Wireframming
★ User Research, Design Strategy, UX Writing
★ Design Thinking Methodolgies, Agile, Srcum
★ Information Architecture
★ Visual Communication, Digital Product Design
★ Client Requirements Gathering
★ Interaction Design, Data Visualization
★ Responsive Design, Cross-Browser Compatibility
★ Mobile Development, Digital Innovation
★ User-Centered Design, Human Centered Design
★ Usability Testing, User Testing, QA Testing
★ Software & Product Development Life Cycle
★ W3C, WCAG, Web Accessibility/508 Compliance
★ Team Collaboration, Product Ownership
★ Problem Solving Skills & Detail Oriented
★ Analytics, Metrics & Reporting, Continuous Delivery
★ Storyboards, Task Flows, Personas, User Stories
★ Site Maps, Flow Diagrams, UI Kits, Content Analysis
★ Front-End & Back-End Development
★ Digital Strategy & Operations
★ Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
★ Project Management/Coordination
★ DevOps, Development Architecture

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON

Angular, NodeJS, React, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI, StorybookJS

Wordpress, CMS's, SEO/Google Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Website Hosting

Adobe XD, InVision, Figma, Ptoto.io, Sketch

Framer, Axure, Webflow, Origami, Principle

AWS & Cloud technologies

iOS Development/Swift

JIRA, Git/Version Controlling, Developer Tools

Debugging(Jest, Karma, Jasmine, Mocha), Implementation, Configuration

Continuous Integration(Jenkins), Unit Testing(JUnit), Code Quality analysis(SonarQube)

Databases: PL/SQL (Oracle), MYSQL, MSSQL, Mongo DB

Ajax, PHP, Apache, Java, C++, Python

Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows 10

IDEs: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode


Microsoft | User Experience Developer Architect | Oct 2021- Present
  • Work closely with external customers to understand their business needs and align proposed solutions with their business outcomes. Contribute technical expertise throughout all stages of product design and development, conceptual design, visual design language and motion personality, input language and UI platform.
  • Accenture | UI Development Senior Analyst | Feb 2019- Oct 2021
  • Specialize in product design, UX design & UI development across 6 projects building fully functional end to end products, serving over 25 million users on a variety of platforms. Work with teams oriented around human-centered design to bring a commercial experience to our public sector clients.
  • I’m the bridge between designers and engineers. I drive the communication of clear design decisions, specifications and requirements from flows, mockups, wireframes and prototypes. I then work directly with engineers to implement the designs, translate the designs to code & give delivery/effort estimations.
  • Transformed legacy systems as UI lead and SME for the development and client implementation of a full redesign effort of our core products/services to bring an entirely new user experience to our platforms. Heavily focused on responsive design, to scale across all devices. Extended 4 client’s multiyear contracts and increased sales, bringing hundreds of millions in revenue.
  • Mentor teams on best design practices based on the user experience, creating visual guidelines to follow & UI Kits. Oversee all final designs & the relating front-end code, ensuring our products are always fully responsive, modern, scalable, user focused & 508 compliant.
  • Completely revamped & reorganized our front-end frameworks, increasing reusability and maintainability by standardizing all designs, cleaning up CSS, design patterns and creating global stylesheets and templates. Increased performance optimization by 10%.

  • Freelancer | UI/UX Designer | May 2018- Dec 2018
  • Consulted with startup companies to bring their visions to life – from the assessment phase through implementation.
  • Reviewed the current state of their web applications and provide design solutions to solve business challenges and their users’ needs through extensive UX research, surveys, analysis, design, prototyping, development and testing.

  • Coiski | Web Developer Intern | Aug 2017- Feb 2018
  • Digital and content strategist for 11 of Coiski’s clients, a full-service interactive agency, strategizing behind our company beliefs that content is king, always ensuring our clients had the strongest online digital presence.
  • Used CMS to maintain sites. Created sketches, wireframes, site maps, flow diagrams and interactive prototypes.
  • Coiski Internship portfolio can be viewed here.

  • Third Channel | Marketing Rep | May 2017-Oct 2018
  • Marketing representative for partnered brands. Traveled to all stores for the Austin Region to train employees/managers about the brand technology, check up on the product, and make sure it's being managed correctly.

  • Columbia Sportswear | Sales Associate | June 2016- July 2017
  • Provide excellent customer service; operate cash register; assisted in display of merchandise; maintain sales records for inventory.

  • PRIME Events | Social Media Associate | Dec 2015-Dec 2016
  • Promote PRIME music events in the Austin/San Marcos area via all platforms of social media. Increase media/social media engagement. Created online content and developed digital strategies.
  • ★ Bachelor of Science, Major in Digital Media Innovation
    ★ Minor in Computer Science
    ★ Texas State University 2014-2018 | Major GPA: 3.75
    ★ Deans List: Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018
  • Panel Speaker at Texas State's Mass Comm Week | Oct 2019
    On a panel of Texas State Alumni speaking about their digitally focused careers. Answered questions from audience, provided advice to current students and insight on current trends in the digital/technology job market. Presentation post/video here and here.
  • Panel Speaker at the ONA 2018 Conference Series | Sept 2018
    Presented one of my iOS iPhone application projects as part of an ONA 2018 conference series and answered questions from the audience as a panelist. Presentation video here.
  • ★ PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) | Jan 2015-Aug 2017
    ★ Bobcat Promotions | Aug 2016-Aug 2017
    ★ NSCS (National Society of Collegiate Scholars | Jan 2015- May 2015
    ★ MC 4315: Web Design and Publications
    ★ MC 4325: Coding and Data Visualization Skills for Communicators
    ★ MC 4327: iOS Mobile Media Development
    ★ MC 4328: Digital Media Innovation Capstone
    ★ MC 4336: Virtual/Augmented Reality & 360 Video
    ★ MC 4381: Fundamentals of Digital & Online Media
    ★ MC 4326: Advanced Social Media
    ★ CS 1428 & 2308: Foundations of Computer Science I & II
    ★ CS 2318: Assembly Language
    ★ CS 3320: Internet Software Development
    ★ CS 3358: Data Structures & Algorithms
    ★ CS 3339: Computer Architecture
    ★ MATH 2358: Discrete Mathematics

    My Work

    DMI Capstone Final Project

    Project goal: to design and develop a prototype, proposal, UX research report and website for an innovative venture that solves a user's problem.
    My idea was to create a budget app for college students. The app allows users to access their money & optimize their spending on one cohesive, expertly designed application. Created a site to demonstrate my prototype and research. View my
    project site here.

    Data Project Website

    Project goal: to construct a website that demonstrate interactive and data-driven features to tell a story.
    My website explores the facts and data about the epidemic of prescription drug use in the United States. Created using datasets, JSON, JavaScript frameworks, HTML/CSS, responsive design and design thinking skills to create a multimedia storytelling project. View my
    project site here.

    Full-Stack Internet Software Application

    Project goal: to create a full stack internet application where the front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) interact with each other.
    Created an application that predicts the client's rate of the fuel based on certain criteria. User can submit a request on the application form and their entry will be recorded into a MySQL database and calculate their fuel rate. View my
    project site here.

    Mobile Development Project

    Project goal: intoduction to media queries for mobile development to create a basic mobile responsive static site using HTML/CSS and JavaScript.
    Created a GPA calculator. Site is responsive for mobile screens and is user-friendly. User can calculate GPA by filling in their letter grade and credit hours per class. The form also validates if the input is correct and will alert the user if they filled in something incorrectly or that's not valid. View my
    project site here .

    Xcode iOS project

    Project goal: develop mobile applications that demonstrate the use of effective content, design and functionality.
    I created a Game of Thrones themed game arcade app using Xcode, iOS development, Swift and object oriented-design thinking. The arcade includes a puzzle game with three different levels, a timed quiz and a guessing game. Click play on icon above to view app demonstration. View my
    project repository here .

    Augmented Reality iOS app

    Project goal: introduction to AR development and design using Unity, C#, xCode and Swift to create an ineractive application where a character walks in your environment.
    Created a VR app that allows the user to interact with a 3D zombie in their own environment. User can control zombie with the control buttons and their hands by placing it where they want it to go in their environment. View my
    project here.

    Interactive Javascript Project

    Project goal: explain the basics of computer programming. Introduction to JavaScript by creating a simple interactive site that has logical functions to calculate something.
    Created a website that calculates your weight on any planet in our solar system. User can enter their weight (what they weigh here on earth) and the application will convert it to what the user would weigh on that planet. View my
    project site here.

    Final Web Design Project

    Project goal: using WordPress as a content management system, create a website using skills learned throughout the year in introduction to web design and publishing.
    Created a website to showcase the importance of pet adoption by telling the stories of my favorite fur friends. View my
    project site here.

    first Xcode iOS app

    Project goal: introduction to iOS development and Swift using xCode to create first single page iPhone application that's interacts with user.
    Created prototype and then developed a budget calculator app using Swift and Xcode. User inputs their spending amount in each category and the app will calculator how much you are spending and need to save. View my
    project repository here.

    Bootstrap Hobby Website

    Project goal: develop a website showcasing your favorite hobby or interest using Bootstrap's framework. Provide content and interviews.
    Created a website showcasing my love for live music. Interviewed fellow festival lovers and recorded content from my own live music experiences. View my
    project site here.

    Final-360 Video Project

    Project goal: gather data, research, surverys and interviews throughout the year to create an immersive story in 360 video.
    Created an immersive 360 video that told the story about Take back the Night, a protested event organized by several Texas State organizations to end sexual violence Used 360-video camera and Adobe premiere pro for editing. View my
    video link here .

    360-Video Tour

    Project goal: introduction to recording with 360 cameras. Learn to create, develop and design for a virtual reality experience.
    Created a tour of the Texas State University Campus, showcasing all the beauty there is to see in this hidden gem of a town of San Marcos, Texas. View my
    video link here.

    SEO Research Project

    Final research project for Public Relations Research course. Used google analytics and SEO to help our real client (Mochas and Javas-local coffee shop in San Marcos, TX) increase site traffic by creating a more functional site. View my projet here.

    Social Media Campaign

    Final social media campaign for Advanced Social Media course for our real assigned client from the University. Created using Canva. Gathered analytics from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to create analytics report. View my project here.

    FDOM Wordpress Blog

    Wordpress Blog created about a topic of our choice for a Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media course. Blog created using Wordpress, creative writing and Design knowledge and skills. View my project site here.

    First HTML Website

    Project goal: introduction to fundamentals of web design.
    My very FIRST basic HTML static website created for Web Design and Publishing course. View my
    project site here. (warning: it's not pretty)

    DMI Capstone Research Project

    Group Research Project created for Digital Media Innovation Capstone course. Assigned to do background and UX research leading up to our prototype and final website to showcase our idea of building this app/site to help solve a problem for our target audience. View my project here.

    PR Campaign Project

    Final PR campaign project for Writing for Public Relations Course. Includes feature stories, news/press releases, executive summary & pitches. View my project here.

    Diverse Sources Story

    Story over campus gun carry written for Media Writing course. Written in inverted pyramid style. View my project here.

    Student Organization Site

    Wordpress web project created for a student organization of our choice in Media Writing class. Created using Wordpress, creative writing, AP style writing and design knowledge and skills. View my project site here.

    Coiski Internship Portfolio

    Used content management systems to help create and maintain the best sites for 11 of Coiski’s clients. Kept up all necessary updates or fixing any technical/design errors on sites. View my intern portfolio here.

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